InstallShield Software Corporation

InstallShield Software Corporation is a developer of system tools and audio & video software. The current developer portfolio contains 1,967 programs. The most popular software is Waves with 10 installations on Windows PC.

Best software by InstallShield Software Corporation

Program makes it possible to create the optical effects of lens and mirror of arbitrary curvature, r...
Shadow Warrior
The latest action 3D fest from the people who brought you Duke Nukem 3D.

Popular programs by InstallShield Software Corporation

The "Grand-daddy" of icon software! This power-packed suite of utilities continues to offer the fine...
A good Othello/Reversi game that offers you possibilities to play by internet with a partner, localy...
Waves Masters
Your tracking is complete and your mixes are good to go.
A Windows9x-only application ideated for power-users who actually like to handle their systems.
HAZOP Manager Demo
HAZOP Manager software is to run the demonstration program.

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